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  1. Review

    Novel treatments for complications after bariatric surgery

    Bariatric surgery has been considered one of best treatments for obesity. As every surgical procedure—and any medical intervention, it is not exempt of complications, among which leaks, strictures, acute hemo...

    Julián Hernández and Camilo Boza

    Annals of Surgical Innovation and Research 2016 10:3

    Published on: 15 March 2016

  2. Research article

    Assessment of central venous catheterization in a simulated model using a motion-tracking device: an experimental validation study

    Central venous catheterization (CVC) is a basic requirement for many medical specialties. Simulated training in CVC may allow the acquisition of this competency but few reports have established a valid methodo...

    Julián Varas, Pablo Achurra, Felipe León, Richard Castillo, Natalia De La Fuente, Rajesh Aggarwal, Leticia Clede, María P. Bravo, Marcia Corvetto and Rodrigo Montaña

    Annals of Surgical Innovation and Research 2016 10:2

    Published on: 12 February 2016

  3. Research Article

    Current Outcomes of Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch

    Biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch (BPD-DS) has long been considered as the bariatric procedure with the highest peri-operative and long-term complication rate. However, modern peri-operative care,...

    Laurent Biertho, Frédéric Simon-Hould, Simon Marceau, Stéfane Lebel, Odette Lescelleur and Simon Biron

    Annals of Surgical Innovation and Research 2016 10:1

    Published on: 21 January 2016

  4. Research article

    A novel rat model of liver regeneration: possible role of cytokine induced neutrophil chemoattractant-1 in augmented liver regeneration

    Liver resection is the mainstay of treatment for most of the liver tumors. Liver has a unique capability to restore the lost volume following resection, however, most of the primary tumors grow in a liver with...

    Dipok Kumar Dhar, Goran Hamid Mohammad, Soumil Vyas, Dieter Clemens Broering and Massimo Malago

    Annals of Surgical Innovation and Research 2015 9:11

    Published on: 2 November 2015

  5. Research article

    Intravenous tranexamic acid as an adjunct haemostat to ornipressin during open myomectomy. A randomized double blind placebo controlled trial

    Myomectomy is a surgical technique used for removal of uterine fibroids and historically hysterectomy has represented the mainstay of treatment. The options of conservative surgical approaches mainly aim at re...

    Sammy Ngichabe, Timona Obura and William Stones

    Annals of Surgical Innovation and Research 2015 9:10

    Published on: 31 October 2015

  6. Review

    Most common robotic bariatric procedures: review and technical aspects

    Since its appear in the year 1997, when Drs. Cadiere and Himpens did the first robotic cholecystectomy in Brussels, not long after the first cholecystectomy, they performed the first robotic bariatric procedu...

    Pablo A. Acquafresca, Mariano Palermo, Tomasz Rogula, Guillermo E. Duza and Edgardo Serra

    Annals of Surgical Innovation and Research 2015 9:9

    Published on: 28 October 2015

  7. Research article

    A-Part Gel, an adhesion prophylaxis for abdominal surgery: a randomized controlled phase I–II safety study [NCT00646412]

    Intra-abdominal surgical intervention can cause the development of intra-peritoneal adhesions. To reduce this problem, different agents have been tested to minimize abdominal adhesions; however, the optimal ad...

    Reinhold Lang, Petra Baumann, Claudia Schmoor, Erich K. Odermatt, Moritz N. Wente and Karl-Walter Jauch

    Annals of Surgical Innovation and Research 2015 9:5

    Published on: 2 September 2015

  8. Case report

    Solitary scalp metastasis – a rare presentation of hepatocellular carcinoma

    Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is among the commonest cancers in the world. Metastasis is one of the most significant factors affecting prognosis. Common sites of extrahepatic metastases include lungs, regiona...

    Duminda Subasinghe, Chathuranga Tisara Keppetiyagama, Hemantha Sudasinghe, Saman Wadanamby, Niranthi Perera and Sivasuriya Sivaganesh

    Annals of Surgical Innovation and Research 2015 9:4

    Published on: 9 June 2015

  9. Methodology

    Early experience with implant based breast reconstruction for early breast cancer in ptotic breasts with non biological mesh and lower pole dermal sling

    Evaluation of early experience with implant based breast reconstruction for early breast cancer in ptotic breasts with titanium coated polypropylene mesh and lower pole dermal sling.

    Rathinasabapathy Rathinaezhil, Fiammetta Ugolini and Hisham Osman

    Annals of Surgical Innovation and Research 2015 9:3

    Published on: 19 May 2015

  10. Research article

    An experimental study of the effect of pre-operative administration of cilostazol on random skin flap survival in rats: double blinded randomized controlled trial

    Insufficient arterial blood flow is the one cause of flap necrosis. Cilostazol is an inhibitor of phosphodiesterase III and increases cyclic AMP level in vascular smooth muscle cell causing vasodilation. There...

    Chairat Burusapat, Janjira Paengnoi and Kantang Satayasoontorn

    Annals of Surgical Innovation and Research 2015 9:2

    Published on: 29 April 2015

  11. Case report

    Bone-added periodontal plastic surgery: a new approach in esthetic dentistry

    This article proposes a combined technique including bone grafting, connective tissue graft, and coronally advanced flap to create some space for simultaneous bone regrowth and root coverage.

    Gholam Ali Gholami, Hadi Gholami, Reza Amid, Mahdi Kadkhodazadeh, Amir Reza Mehdizadeh and Navid Youssefi

    Annals of Surgical Innovation and Research 2015 9:1

    Published on: 11 February 2015

  12. Hypothesis

    The vascular connector, design of a new device for sutureless vascular anastomosis

    In recent years, several methods and new techniques have been studied and proposed for establishment of sutureless vascular anastomoses, streaming use of sutureless vascular surgery in the future.

    Lulzim Vokrri, Xhavit Krasniqi, Arsim Qavdarbasha, Nexhmi Hyseni, Philippe Cinquin, Paolo Porcu and Carmine Sessa

    Annals of Surgical Innovation and Research 2014 8:8

    Published on: 22 November 2014

  13. Research article

    Minimally invasive facet restoration implant for chronic lumbar zygapophysial pain: 1-year outcomes

    The zygapophysial (facet) joint is the primary pain generator in one third of chronic low back pain cases. Current treatment options include temporarily palliative nonsurgical approaches, facet injections, rad...

    Hans-Jörg Meisel, Konrad Seller, Achim Lüth, Karin Büttner-Janz, Peter Stosberg, Alexander Moser, Larry E Miller, Jon E Block and Luiz Pimenta

    Annals of Surgical Innovation and Research 2014 8:7

    Published on: 18 October 2014

  14. Research article

    Sylys® surgical sealant: a safe adjunct to standard bowel anastomosis closure

    Reducing the incidence of anastomotic leakages would benefit both patients and health care in general. Attempts to solve this problem have been disappointing thus far. Sylys® Surgical Sealant was developed as ...

    Marguerite A W Stam, Charlotte L J Mulder, Esther C J Consten, Jurriaan B Tuynman, Christianne J Buskens and Willem A Bemelman

    Annals of Surgical Innovation and Research 2014 8:6

    Published on: 27 August 2014

  15. Research article

    A preliminary investigation of anti-reflux intervention for gastroesophageal reflux related childhood-to-adult persistent asthma

    Childhood-to-adult persistent asthma is usually considered to be an atopic disease. However gastroesophageal reflux may also play an important role in this phenotype of asthma, especially when it is refractory...

    Zhi Wei Hu, Zhong Gao Wang, Yu Zhang, Ji Min Wu, Wei Tao Liang, Yue Yang, Shu Rui Tian and Ai E Wang

    Annals of Surgical Innovation and Research 2014 8:3

    Published on: 20 June 2014

  16. Case report

    Female urethral diverticulum: cases report and literature

    A female urethral diverticulum is an uncommon pathologic entity. It can manifest with a variety of symptoms involving the lower urinary tract. Our objective is to describe the various aspects of the diverticul...

    Omar Riyach, Mustapha Ahsaini, Mohammed Fadl Tazi, Soufiane Mellas, Roos Stuurman-Wieringa, Abdelhak Khallouk, Mohammed Jamal El Fassi and Moulay Hassan Farih

    Annals of Surgical Innovation and Research 2014 8:1

    Published on: 15 February 2014

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