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Table 6 PROMS (Patient Reported Outcome Measures at 3 months)a

From: Early experience with implant based breast reconstruction for early breast cancer in ptotic breasts with non biological mesh and lower pole dermal sling

  Patient 1 Patient 2 Patient 3 Patient 4
Information given about mastectomy and reconstruction including risks and benefits Right amount Right amount Right amount Right amount
Management of pain in the first 24 h and during the first week Mild pain Moderate to severe pain Mild pain Mild pain
Unplanned readmission or surgery None None None None
Complications requiring treatment on an outpatient basis since discharge from hospital None Oral antibiotics for infection Oral antibiotics for infection None
Number of visits to surgical outpatients since discharge 4 5 3 3
  1. aPROMS not reported for patient 5 as she declined consent