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Table 5 Examples of flap types and procedures appropriate for imaging with ICG intraoperative laser angiography

From: Intraoperative laser angiography using the SPY system: review of the literature and recommendations for use

Mastectomy and other skin flaps Mastectomy flaps
Cervicofacial flaps
 Cheek flap
 Cervical advancement flap
 Forehead flap
Skin flap over pectoralis major
Degloving injuries, upper and lower extremity
Abdominal flaps (eg, hernia repair)
 Component separation
Burn injuries
Local flaps and adjacent tissue transfers:
 Bi-lobe flaps
 Propeller flaps
 Rhomboid flaps
Pedicle flaps TRAM flap
VRAM and extended VRAM flaps
Deltopectoral flap
Trapezius flap
Myocutaneous pectoralis flap
Latissimus dorsi flap
Submental flap
Supraclavicular artery flap
Lateral intercostal artery flap
Free flaps TRAM flap
DIEP flap
SIEA flap
ALT flap
Scapular/parascapular flaps
Submental flap
Fibular flap
DCIA flap
TUG/TMG flap
GAP flap
PAP flap
Breast reconstruction Implant reconstructions
  Tissue expander reconstructions
  1. ALT: anterolateral thigh flaps.
  2. DIEP: deep inferior epigastric perforator.
  3. SIEA: superficial inferior epigastric artery.
  4. TRAM: transverse abdominus musculocutaneous.
  5. VRAM: vertical rectus abdominus myocutaneous.
  6. DCIA: deep circumflex iliac artery.
  7. TUG/TMG: transverse (myocutaneous) gracilis.
  8. GAP: gluteal artery perforator.
  9. PAP: profunda artery perforator.