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Table 1 Comparative study indicating specification differences between Syringe Micro Vibrator (SMV) and VibraJect®

From: Syringe micro vibrator (SMV) a new device being introduced in dentistry to alleviate pain and anxiety of intraoral injections, and a comparative study with a similar device

Specifications VibraJect ® SMV Advantage of SMV
Attachment interface Clip Four flexible grasping positioning arms and concave shell contact surface Firm grasping, efficient vibration conveyance, causes no restriction for the replacement of cartridge, applicable to all standard conventional syringes which compensates minute variations of different barrel diameters
Mounting angle on syringe barrel Angular Parallel Most efficient contact, least clinician vision masking, least patient discomfort, allowing the clinician to rotate the syringe while in the mouth, if necessary
Vibration device Eccentrically weighted shaft Eccentrically weighted plate Yield of uniform micro vibration, more precise localization of injection point
Vibration mode High frequency Ultra high frequency and ultra low altitude Efficiently enhance patient pain reduction, and ease of clinician maneuver and accuracy during injection