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Table 1 Stenosing colorectal cancer and synchronous lesions showed in the pre-operative CTC

From: Virtual colonoscopy in stenosing colorectal cancer

Site of stenosing colorectal cancer Synchronous lesions Site Synchronous lesion Type Diameter of synchronous lesions Surgical Treatment
Sigmoid colon Descending colon Pedunculated polyp 8 mm Left laparoscopic hemicolectomy
Rectum Ascending colon Pedunculated polyp 12 mm Laparoscopic anterior resection of rectum
Sigmoid colon Ascending colon Sessile polyp 18 mm Left laparotomic hemicolectomy and excision of polyp through enterotomy
Descending colon Ascending colon Voluminous vegetating cancer 36 mm Subtotal laparotomic colectomy